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How to Apply: 2024 Global Health Corps Fellowship Program

Global Health Corps actively seeks and chooses exceptionally qualified individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds to be assigned to high-impact organizations for a year-long placement.

The Global Health Corps fellowship offers an exhilarating chance to develop skills and garner experience with a high-impact health organization. However, it transcends a mere opportunity.

It is a year-long program designed to ignite personal and professional growth as a leader, immersing you in a global and diverse network of passionate, young health equity champions.

Global Health Corps Fellowship Overview

  • Host: Global Health Corps Africa
  • Category: Fellowships
  • Eligible Country: 13 Selected African Countries
  • Reward: Accommodation | Stipend | Health Insurance | Travel costs
  • Deadline: January 10, 2024
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Global Health Corps Fellowship Details

Throughout the Global Health Corps Fellowship, fellows make impactful contributions to their placement organizations and the communities they serve. Additionally, they actively participate in comprehensive leadership training and become integral members of GHC’s expansive global network.

This multifaceted experience not only allows fellows to apply their skills directly to address health challenges but also fosters a dynamic exchange of knowledge and ideas. Fellows work alongside professionals in their field, gaining hands-on experience that goes beyond theoretical learning.

As part of the fellowship, fellows participate in rigorous leadership training sessions, equipping them with the skills needed to navigate complex global health landscapes. These training modules cover a spectrum of leadership competencies, including effective communication, strategic thinking, and cross-cultural collaboration. The goal is to empower fellows not only to excel in their current roles but also to emerge as influential leaders in the broader health equity arena.

Integration into GHC’s global network is a cornerstone of the fellowship experience. Fellows connect with a diverse group of like-minded individuals who share a common passion for addressing global health disparities. This network serves as a valuable resource for ongoing collaboration, idea exchange, and professional support. The connections forged during the fellowship endure long after the year concludes, fostering a community of leaders committed to driving positive change in the field of global health.

Moreover, fellows have the opportunity to engage in ongoing mentorship, both from within their placement organizations and the larger GHC network. This mentorship aspect adds a personalized touch to the fellowship, offering guidance and support tailored to the unique journey of each fellow. It reinforces the commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders in global health.

Beyond the immediate impact on their placement organizations, fellows contribute to the broader discourse on health equity. They become ambassadors for change, advocating for innovative solutions and sharing insights gained from their experiences. This ripple effect extends the fellowship’s influence far beyond the individual, contributing to the collective effort to address global health challenges.

In essence, the Global Health Corps Fellowship is a transformative journey that goes beyond the confines of a traditional professional experience. It is a catalyst for personal and professional growth, a platform for building lasting connections, and a force for positive change in the landscape of global health. As fellows complete their year-long commitment, they emerge not only with enhanced skills and a deeper understanding of global health issues but also as empowered leaders ready to make a lasting impact in their chosen field.

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Global Health Corps Fellowship Requirement

To be considered for the Global Health Corps Fellowship, applicant must:

  • Be 30 years of age or younger.
  • Hold a bachelor’s or undergraduate university degree.
  • Be proficient in English.
  • Be a citizen or legal permanent resident of Burundi, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, or Zimbabwe.

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Duration and Reward of Global Health Corps Fellowship

The Global Health Corps Fellowship covers the following:

  • Living stipend
  • Professional development funds
  • Completion award
  • Housing
  • Health Insurance
  • Travel costs covered to and from GHC training and retreats
  • Visa/Work permit

GHC arranges several logistical details on fellows’ behalf with the expectation that fellows will take ownership of their overall experience. 

How to Apply for Global Health Corps Fellowship

Interested and qualified applicants should use the “CLICH HERE TO APPLY” button to complete the application processes.

Deadline: January 10, 2024

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