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A Heart Touching Story of a 300 Level UNILAG Students Who Lives in Water-Logged Slum House for over 10 Years

Aminat Ajikobi, a 25-year-old University of Lagos (UNILAG) biology education student, has captured the attention of social media with her touching life story.

Aminat has inspired many with her firm determination to pursue her studies and create a brighter future despite living in a waterlogged slum for more than ten years.

Aminat has experienced a great deal of challenges in her life. She lost her mother many years ago, and her father can no longer support her due to financial difficulties.

Because of this, Aminat has been forced to take care for herself, using the little money she earns from offering private lessons to cover both her living expenses and her educational commitments. Her monthly income is N40,000, or around $50, which she uses to pay for her education and necessities.​

Her house, within a poor neighborhood with regular floods, causes a sad impression. Continuous stagnation has turned the dark stagnant water into a flood that overflows the surrounding area.

Aminat has skillfully positioned crates throughout the house to create raised platforms where she may stand and store household objects in order to survive. She can manage her daily tasks within the limits of her poor apartment thanks to this challenging system.

The public became aware of Aminat’s situation when a Nigerian guy who goes by the handle @ositapopcorn, a social media advocate for homeless people, paid her a visit along with his group. They captured their visit on camera and posted it to social media, giving an alarming look into Aminat’s deplorable living circumstances.

The video, which went viral right away, featured the water surrounding her house that had turned black and the unstable arrangement she was using to go about her everyday business.

The sad video struck a deep chord with viewers, generating a massive show of support from the general public. Several others were moved by her determination and will and offered their support. Over N10 million (almost $13,000) in gifts poured in, including offers of financial assistance and short-term housing.

In response to the demonstrations, Aminat received free hostel accommodations from UNILAG’s student body, which resolved her immediate housing difficulties and freed her up to concentrate more on her studies.

In addition to offering Aminat immediate relief, the massive show of support has created new options for her. The offers of improved living arrangements and financial assistance mark a turning point in her life.

Her experience is proof of the strength of a strong sense of community and the ability of social media to draw attention to and help those in need who are in difficult situations.​

After receiving support, Aminat did an interview in which she expressed her sincere gratitude to everyone who offered assistance. She is committed to using this chance to succeed academically and ensure a better future for herself, therefore she is keeping her attention on her academics.

The journey of Aminat Ajikobi is an inspiring story of endurance in the face of difficulty. Her experience serves as a stark reminder of the hardships that many poor people confront as well as the value of community support and unity.

The enormous outpouring of support in response to her situation demonstrates how collective efforts may effect significant change and give hope to those in need. Aminat is a living example of the persistent spirit and the potential for change through education and group work as she pursues her studies at UNILAG.​

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