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Approach to Data Protection with Conasa S3 Immutable Backup Storage

As digital transformation accelerates, data has become the lifeblood powering today’s organizations. Yet this vast volume of sensitive information also represents a major liability if not properly secured. Conasa’s S3 Immutable Backup Storage provides businesses with a robust, turnkey solution for holistically protecting critical data through advanced immutability, security and compliance capabilities.

The Rising Risks of Unsecured Data

Data is the fuel enabling customer experiences, strategic decisions and core operational functions across every industry. But as data stores cluster in the cloud and attack surfaces multiply, cyber threats are intensifying. Risks include:

  • Ransomware: Criminals encrypting files until payment is made doubled in 2021 alone. The average ransom is $1.7 million.
  • Insider Threats: Current/former employees still account for 1/3 of breaches according to IBM.
  • Nation-State Hacking: State-sponsored groups penetrate systems for political and economic gain.
  • Third Party Exploits: Over 70% of attacks involve phishing or compromised vendor credentials.
  • Regulatory Fines: Non-compliance with rules like GDPR can incur penalties up to 4% of global revenue.

As breaches impact 95% of firms globally, the need for proactive data protection is acute. Yet traditional methods are unraveling under new threats. Immutable, defense-in-depth security platforms like Conasa’s present a modern solution.

Ensuring Data Integrity with Immutability

Conasa’s immutable storage removes risk of data manipulation by sealing records forever once written. Built-in versioning also archives all prior states, facilitating compliance and forensic investigations. Additional immutability benefits include:

  • Tamper-proofing Dataset: Cryptographic fingerprints detect unauthorized changes.
  • Legal Holds and Audits: Object locking preserves records indefinitely.
  • Write Once Read Many: Data is never deleted, meeting regulation standards.

This immutable model guards against ransomware disabling backups or insider threats discreetly altering files unnoticed for weeks. Compliance is also simplified through immutable retention periods.

Fortifying Security with Multi-layer Defenses

To address modern threat vectors, Conasa incorporates overlapping security controls:

  • Encryption: AES-256 encryption shields data during transfers and storage.
  • Access Management: Granular IAM ensures only authorized individuals view necessary information.
  • Logging & Auditing: Detailed logs track all user and system activity for oversight.
  • Isolation Architecture: Storage operates on isolated infrastructure away from productive systems.
  • Regulatory Controls: Features like anonymization and legal holds facilitate FERPA, GDPR and other compliance needs.

This defense-in-depth approach upholds the CIA security triad of confidentiality, integrity and availability against both external hacking and insider risks.

Maximizing Flexibility and Scalability

Through an AWS S3-compatible API and simple console interface, Conasa’s storage seamlessly integrates into any IT environment with zero upfront investments or capacity planning. Additional benefits include:

  • Global Redundancy: Geo-distributed architecture provides redundancy and disaster recovery.
  • Performance Scalability: Elastic cloud infrastructure automatically scales on demand.
  • Storage Tiering: Auto-tiering to hot or cold tiers optimizes performance and costs.
  • Pay-As-You-Go: Billing is consumption-based requiring no long-term commitments.

This maximized flexibility also future-proofs protection strategies to adapt nimbly to changing business needs and security landscapes.

Addressing Broader Data Protection Needs

Beyond core storage, Conasa coordinates additional data protection elements through strategic partnerships:

  • Backup Software Integrations: Certified compatibility with Veeam, Rubrik and Commvault.
  • Air-Gapped Backup: Disconnected backups guarantee defense against ransomware.
  • Immutable File Sync: WORM file sharing ensures collaboration file integrity.
  • eDiscovery Services: Access to legal review, analysis and production services.

Taking a holistic approach to data availability, security and compliance, Conasa provides organizations with a robust foundation for proactive, long-term data protection.

Reinforcing the Foundation for Success

As the nexus of business operations, no asset demands vigilant protection like sensitive data. Yet traditional siloed solutions are falling behind modern threats. Conasa’s immutable backup storage modernizes protection through integrated immutability, layered security, regulatory controls and strategic flexibility. Contact Conasa today to learn more.


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