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Korea Approved Work Permits For Parents of Foreign Students

The Ministry of Justice reports that the Korean government is about to begin a pilot program that would allow foreign students to bring their parents to Korea so they can work in farming or fishing areas close to their educational institutions.

According to a ministry release, parents of international students studying for longer than a year at universities outside of the greater Seoul area are eligible to work for up to eight months as seasonal workers in the location where their children are attending school.


To be qualified for the pilot program, which will last until the end of the year,

  • Parents should be 55 or younger and have no criminal records or health issues.
  • Students should have no records of violating Korean laws
  • There should be more than two semesters left before they apply for the permit.
  • Foreign students enrolled in university language courses are excluded from the program

About the seasonal worker scheme

Korea has been running the seasonal worker scheme to allow the legal hiring of foreign workers for a short period to address chronic labor shortages during the busy farming and fishing seasons.

So far, the scheme has been available for the relatives of marriage migrants, residents of foreign local governments who have signed related memoranda of understanding with their Korean counterparts, or those who have visas allowing seasonal work, such as the D-1, D-2, or D-4.

The government’s decision to extend the program to include the parents of foreign students is based on positive outcomes observed in previous participants, such as relatives of married migrants. These individuals exhibited early settlement capabilities and demonstrated a low likelihood of departing from Korea without proper authorization.

“The Ministry of Justice will thoroughly analyze any difficulties during the operation of the pilot projects and improve the system, to assist 131 participating Korean local governments to operate the system smoothly,” a ministry official said.

Requirements of a South Korea Work Visa

While document requirements differ based on the visa type you apply for, some standard document requirements include:

  1. A completed visa application form
  2. A passport with validity for the next six months and blanks pages for visa stamps
  3. A copy of the passport 
  4. Passport-size photographs taken in the last three months
  5. Professional and educational certificates
  6. Employment contract 
  7. Business registration license (in select visa applications)
  8. Tax returns and financial payments of the company in the previous financial year
  9. Sponsor letter from an MNC or a South Korean Business/Government/Organization 
  10. Application fee

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