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NANS Delegation Meets with Oyo State Police Commissioner to Strengthen Student Security

In a significant development, TEGBE STEPHEN FIYINFOLUWA, the Director of Administration and Planning for the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), led a delegation to the office of CP AA HAMZAT, Commissioner of Police, Oyo State Command, on January 31, 2024.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss and address crucial issues pertaining to the security of Nigerian students, particularly those in Oyo State.

During the meeting, the NANS delegation engaged in a fruitful exchange of ideas with CP AA HAMZAT and his team. The discussions encompassed progressive strategies for enhancing the safety and well-being of students across various campuses.

A notable proposal on the table was the establishment of a campus police club, aimed at fortifying security measures for students and safeguarding their lives and properties.

The atmosphere was marked by felicitations and constructive dialogue, as both parties explored solutions to pressing issues affecting student security.

The NANS delegation expressed optimism and readiness, briefing CP AA HAMZAT about the proactive approach of the current NANAS President, Comrade LUCKY EMONEFE.

The administration is poised to collaborate closely with security agencies in Nigeria, with the ultimate goal of eradicating insecurity and ensuring a safer environment for students nationwide.

The NANS delegation conveyed their appreciation for the warm reception by CP AA HAMZAT and commended the Oyo State Police Command’s commitment to fostering a secure academic environment.

As the meeting progressed, TEGBE STEPHEN FIYINFOLUWA reiterated the importance of proactive measures to curb insecurity on campuses.

The proposed campus police club, if implemented, could serve as a valuable asset in preventing and responding to security challenges faced by Nigerian students.

The delegation emphasized the need for collaborative efforts between NANS and law enforcement to effectively address these concerns.

CP AA HAMZAT welcomed the collaboration and assured the NANS representatives of the Oyo State Police Command’s dedication to ensuring the safety of students.

He commended NANS for taking the initiative to engage in constructive dialogue and affirmed the importance of a united front in tackling security issues.

Discussions also touched upon broader national security issues, with both parties acknowledging the significance of a collective approach to combating insecurity across the country.

The NANS delegation expressed their commitment to working closely with security agencies, pledging support for initiatives that aim to make insecurity a thing of the past.

The meeting concluded on a positive note, with mutual understanding and a shared commitment to implementing practical solutions.

The NANS delegation expressed gratitude for the opportunity to engage with CP AA HAMZAT and the Oyo State Police Command, highlighting the importance of continued collaboration between student bodies and law enforcement to create a safer and more secure environment for Nigerian students.


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