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International Recognition: NECO Results Now Accepted by Some UK Universities

Prof. Ibrahim Wushishi, the Registrar of the National Examinations Council (NECO) made it known to the public that several universities in the United Kingdom are now considering the admission of Nigerian students based on their NECO results.

Prof. Wushishi disclosed that Birmingham City University and Lead University in the United Kingdom contacted NECO for information on its examinations. This outreach indicates that NECO findings are increasingly being recognized and accepted by foreign educational institutions.

During an interactive session with journalists in Abuja on Wednesday, May 15, Prof. Wushishi revealed that NECO has already fulfilled the requirements of Birmingham City University and is actively working to fulfill the requests of Lead University.

Prof. Wushishi also talked about the challenges posed by the complexity of NECO examinations, which hinder an immediate shift to computer-based testing (CBT). He highlighted that nearly 1.5 million students take NECO exams annually across 76 different subjects and over 150 papers for admission into tertiary institutions.

Additionally, Azeez Sani, the acting director of the Directorate of Information and Digital Communication at NECO, noted that this decision follows the accreditation of Nigeria International School in Jeddah, which is owned by Alhaji Abdulkadir Maikudi.

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