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How to Apply: 2024 NNPC Emoimee Scholarship Scheme

The NNPC Emoimee Scholarship Scheme aims to empower young Nigerian students by providing a financial grant of 200,000 Naira. This initiative seeks to illuminate their educational paths, fostering opportunities for these individuals to make positive contributions to society.

The Eket Emoimee Scholarship Scheme is a transformative undertaking initiated by the NNPC/MPN JV EMOIMEE HOST COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT TRUST INCUTI-EKET.

This program demonstrates the organization’s commitment to tackling societal challenges through the cultivation of local talent.

Scholarship Overview

Scholarship Details

The foundation of the NNPC Emoimee Scholarship Scheme lies in the conviction that education serves as a guiding light, illuminating avenues for individuals to make positive contributions to society.

The NNPC/MPN JV EMOIMEE Scholarship constitutes a financial grant of N200,000.00, bestowed upon all eligible and successful candidates.

This scholarship initiative seeks to not only alleviate the financial burdens of deserving students but also to empower them with the means to pursue their educational aspirations. By providing a monetary award of N200,000.00 to each qualified candidate, the NNPC/MPN JV EMOIMEE Scholarship aims to foster an environment where educational pursuits are encouraged and supported.

The scheme underscores the belief that education is a powerful catalyst for personal and societal development. Through this initiative, the NNPC and MPN JV EMOIMEE acknowledge the transformative impact that education can have on individuals, families, and communities. By investing in the academic endeavors of young talents, the scholarship scheme aims to contribute to the overall development of the nation.

Furthermore, the N200,000.00 award is not merely a financial support mechanism; it represents a tangible commitment to nurturing the intellectual capital of the community. As scholarship recipients pursue their studies, they are not only equipped with knowledge and skills but are also encouraged to become catalysts for positive change in their localities.

In conclusion, the NNPC/MPN JV EMOIMEE Scholarship Scheme goes beyond being a financial aid program. It is a beacon of educational empowerment, symbolizing the organizations’ dedication to fostering a brighter future by investing in the education and potential of the next generation.

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Scholarship Requirement

To be considered for the NNPC Emoimee Scholarship, you must:

  • The scheme is open to all indigenous individuals from Eket Local Government Area (LGA) enrolled in any accredited tertiary institution (private or public) within Nigeria.
  • Qualified applicants must be admitted students of an accredited/recogreed tertiary institution in Nigeria.


  • Academic Requirements:
    • Applicants must possess a minimum of Second Class Lower for universities, Upper Credit for polytechnics/Colleges of Nursing, and Merit for Colleges of Education.
  • Academic Performance:

    • Beneficiaries must consistently maintain the stipulated academic standards in subsequent sessions.
    • Submission of academic results at the commencement of each new academic session is mandatory.
  • Exclusivity:

    • Applicants must not currently enjoy any other form of scholarship, and this condition must be upheld throughout the duration of the scheme.
  • Character and Conduct:

    • Applicants must not belong to any cult or clandestine groups and should possess a character beyond reproach.
  • Consequences of Violation:

    • Violation of any stated condition will result in the immediate cessation of scholarship benefits.

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Duration and Reward

  • The NNPC/MPN JV EMOIMEE Scholarship is a N200,000.00 award scheme to all eligible and successful candidates.

Method of Application

Interested and qualified applicants for the NNPC Emoimee Scholarship should apply using the link below.

For the 2024/25 academic session, the NNPC/MPN JV EMOIMEE Scholarship will accept applications from all students who are enrolled in accredited programmes across Nigerian universities.

Deadline: Not Specified

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