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NYSC Salary Structure For All States in Nigeria

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is an important program in Nigeria that brings together graduates from different backgrounds to promote unity. One thing applicants really want to understand is how much they’ll get paid in different states during their service year.

NYSC is a mandatory one-year service program for all Nigerian graduates under the age of 30. During their service year, corps members are posted to states other than their home states to contribute to the development of the country.

The NYSC allowance is commonly referred to as ‘allowee.’ It is the monthly stipend paid to Corps members throughout their service year. This allowance serves as a support system for Corps members during their service period and helps cover basic expenses.

NYSC Allowance Structure

The NYSC allowance structure is uniform across the nation, with slight variations arising from state government interventions. As of the most recent information available, the monthly allowance for Corps members stands at ₦33,000 (thirty-three thousand Naira). However, some states supplement this amount with additional allowances or welfare packages.

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Variations in NYSC Allowance by State

While the core allowance remains constant, certain states offer supplementary allowances or incentives to Corps members serving within their territories. These incentives are often provided to alleviate the cost of living or address specific challenges faced by Corps members in those regions.

What is the state allowance for NYSC corps members?

States differ in how much they give NYSC corps members in state allowance, while some don’t give any at all.

  • Abia: N0.00
  • Adamawa: N0.00
  • Akwa Ibom: N5,000
  • Anambra: N8,000 (town)N8,500 (rural)
  • Bauchi: N0.00
  • Bayelsa: N6,000 (state capital), N8,000 (outside capital), N10,000 (across the water)
  • Benue: N0.00
  • Borno: N5,000
  • Cross River: N0.00
  • Delta: N5,000
  • Ebonyi: Stopped paying since May 2019
  • Edo: N0.00
  • Ekiti: N0.00
  • Enugu: N0.00
  • FCT Abuja: N0.00
  • Gombe: N0.00
  • Imo: N0.00
  • Jigawa: N5,000 (first 3 months), N10,000 (every 2 months thereafter)
  • Kaduna: N0.00
  • Kano: N0.00
  • Katsina: N4,000
  • Kebbi: N2,000
  • Kogi: N0.00
  • Kwara: N0.00
  • Lagos: N0.00
  • Nasarawa: N5,000
  • Niger: N0.00
  • Ogun: N0.00
  • Ondo: N0.00
  • Osun: N5,000
  • Oyo: N15,000
  • Plateau: N0.00
  • Rivers: N0.00
  • Sokoto: N45,000 (accumulated at the end of service year)
  • Taraba: N6,000
  • Yobe: N5,000
  • Zamfara: N5,000


While the NYSC allowance structure maintains a standard nationwide, the provision of supplementary allowances or incentives by specific states serves to address regional disparities in living costs and challenges faced by Corps members. Aspiring Corps members should stay updated with announcements from respective state governments regarding any additional support or welfare packages to adequately prepare for their service year.

Understanding the nuances of NYSC allowances across different states enables prospective Corps members to make informed decisions and better prepare for their service year.

For the most accurate and updated information regarding NYSC allowances in each state, candidates are encouraged to refer to official announcements from the NYSC Directorate or respective state government authorities.

In conclusion, the NYSC service year not only serves as a platform for national service but also provides an opportunity for Corps members to experience diverse cultures, contribute to community development, and build lifelong relationships.

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