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2024 Scholarship Opportunities at Digital Jewels | How To Apply

Seeking financial assistance for your education? Apply for the 2024 DJ Cares Scholarship by Digital Jewels.

Beneficiaries of the Digital Jewels Scholarship will be granted a N200,000 cash prize to support their undergraduate degree.

This post will outline the scholarship details, requirements, benefits, application process, and deadline.

Details of the 2024 Digital Jewels Scholarship

The DJ Cares Scholarship is organized by Digital Jewels Africa, aiming to be Africa’s trusted guide in the emerging knowledge economy.

Through high-quality training, e-learning, and specialized recruitment services, the scholarship seeks to provide career guidance and skills development relevant to the information age for both experienced and inexperienced professionals.

Part of the DJ Cares Initiative, this scholarship is designed to reduce the financial burden on students at risk of dropping out and to motivate them to achieve academic excellence.

Requirements for the 2024 Digital Jewels Scholarship

To be eligible for the 2024 Digital Jewels Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Course of Study: Must be pursuing an IT-related course, specifically:

    • Computer Science (single or combined degree)
    • Computer Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
  2. Academic Performance: Maintain a GPA of at least 3.75/5 in each semester since university enrollment.

  3. Age Requirement: Must not be older than 23 years by October of the application year.

  4. University Enrollment: Must have completed at least 2 years of study at the university level.

  5. English Proficiency: Must demonstrate proficiency in English, both oral and written.

  6. References: Provide two credible references, one of which must be from your current institution (e.g., Head of Department, Dean, etc.).

Benefits of the 2024 Digital Jewels Scholarship

  • The 2024 Digital Jewels Scholarship offers the following benefits to selected applicants:

    1. Financial Support:

      • N200,000 Cash Award: Recipients will receive a cash prize of N200,000 to support promising but financially needy students pursuing a career in IT.
    2. Placement Opportunities:

      • Internships and Industrial Training: Opportunities for placements with Digital Jewels during holidays, designated Industrial Training periods, and National Youth Service.
    3. Career Guidance:

      • Skill Development: Career guidance to help both experienced and inexperienced professionals develop skills relevant to the information age.

Required Documents for the 2024 Digital Jewels Scholarship

To apply for the 2024 Digital Jewels Scholarship, students who meet the eligibility criteria must submit the following:

  1. Essay Submission:
    • Essay Length: Not more than 500 words.
    • Format: PDF file.
    • Topics (Choose One):
      1. Balancing Innovation and Security: The ethical dilemma of AI-enabled deepfakes in information technology and what it means for information security.
      2. Tech Literacy in the 21st Century: Analyze the importance of tech literacy in today’s world and how it impacts personal growth and opportunities.
      3. My Digital Footprint: Reflect on your online activities and discuss how your digital footprint can affect your future education and career prospects.

How to Apply for the 2024 Digital Jewels Scholarship

Interested and qualified applicants should follow these steps to apply for the 2024 Digital Jewels Scholarship:

  1. Visit the Application Page:

    • Click the button below to access the scholarship application page.
  2. Fill Out the Application Form:

    • Click on the “APPLY NOW” button to proceed to the application form.
    • Complete all required fields in the form.
  3. Submit Your Essay:

    • After writing your essay, click the “Apply” button below to continue the application process.
    • Fill in your data and upload your essay in PDF format.
  4. Notification:

    • Shortlisted candidates will be contacted and notified.

Deadline: Not Specified

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