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TRCN Reports 3,963 Teachers Failed in Professional Qualifying Exam

Nationwide Professional Qualifying Examination Results Reveal Challenges for Nigerian Teachers.

In a recent development, the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) conducted the Professional Qualifying Examination for Teachers across the country in November 2023, unveiling a significant number of 3,963 teachers who unfortunately did not pass the examination.

The primary purpose of the examination, administered by the TRCN, is to assess candidates for teaching positions, evaluating them on the basis of their professional competence. The TRCN, as the regulatory body overseeing the teaching profession in Nigeria, aims to ensure that educators meet the required standards to contribute effectively to the nation’s education system.

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During an interactive session with journalists on Monday, Prof. Josiah Ajiboye, the Registrar of the TRCN, provided a detailed breakdown of the examination results. Expressing concern over the number of teachers who did not pass, Prof. Ajiboye highlighted the council’s commitment to continually working towards enhancing the quality of the teaching profession in Nigeria.

“A total of 15,753 sat the examination in 38 Centres across the country, out of this, we have 10,636 that passed which is about 72.9 per cent and those that failed are 3,963.”Ajiboye also noted that other candidates were absent while others had results cancelled due to examination malpractices.

The TRCN’s dedication to maintaining high professional standards in education was evident as Prof. Ajiboye emphasized ongoing efforts to improve the overall competence of teachers across the nation. The interactive session served as an opportunity for the Registrar to address the challenges faced by teachers and discuss strategies for elevating the standards of education in Nigeria.

As the TRCN remains steadfast in its commitment to the advancement of the teaching profession, it is anticipated that these efforts will contribute to a more qualified and skilled cadre of educators, ultimately benefiting the education system and the students they serve.

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