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JUST IN: Dusty Weather in Saudi Arabia May Hinder Sighting of Ramadan Moon at Qassim Observatory

Qassim, Saudi Arabia – March 10, 2024

The anticipated sighting of the crescent moon marking the beginning of Ramadan faces potential hindrance in Saudi Arabia’s Qassim region due to prevailing dusty weather conditions.

The Qassim Astronomical Observatory, responsible for monitoring celestial events, expressed concerns regarding the visibility of the Ramadan crescent amidst dense clouds and dust.

Abdul Rahman Al-Rajhi, the Supervisor of the Qassim Astronomical Observatory, highlighted the challenging weather conditions, stating, “Seeing the crescent Ramadan in Qassim is not possible due to weather conditions and the density of clouds, and we will wait until sunset.”

Astronomer Mutaib Al-Barghash recalled a similar situation in the year 1439 AH, stating, “The dusty atmosphere and dense clouds occurred during our observation of the Ramadan crescent in the year 1439 AH, and yet we observed the crescent at that time.” Al-Barghash’s remarks shed light on historical precedents where despite adverse weather conditions, the Ramadan crescent was successfully observed.

The presence of clouds and dust clouds raises uncertainties regarding the observation, potentially delaying the official commencement of Ramadan. Tomorrow’s sighting, which could mark the 30th of Sha’ban, remains uncertain due to the adverse weather conditions.

Ramadan, one of the holiest months in Islam, is determined by the lunar calendar, with the sighting of the crescent moon signaling its commencement. The Qassim Observatory’s efforts to monitor celestial events play a crucial role in determining religious observances and festivals in the region.

As anticipation mounts for the sacred month of fasting and spiritual reflection, the Qassim Astronomical Observatory remains vigilant, awaiting clearer skies to confirm the sighting of the Ramadan crescent and officially commence the month of fasting for Muslims in the region.


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