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Ashiwaju of FUNAAB — A Remarkable Journey of a Distinguished Young Man

Toheeb Bisiriyu, a brilliant and passionate young man, graduated from the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta with a Second Class Upper Division in the Department of Agricultural Administration.

Toheeb Bisiriyu’s six-year journey at the university proved that he lived an intentionally extraordinary life as a student, purposefully navigating education, social participation, politics, and religion.

Toheeb Bisiriyu’s career emerges as an array of accomplishments, showcasing a distinct combination of academic excellence and significant contributions to numerous aspects of university life.

Among Toheeb Bisiriyu’s numerous achievements, he became a renowned corporate event host and thought leader. He built two vibrant communities: one for personal and professional growth, centered on academic achievement, career advancement, and entrepreneurship.

The other community fostered exceptional students who were enthusiastic about event-hosting professions on campus, leaving a legacy of first-rate grads, recognized studentpreneurs, and skilled corporate event hosts.

Throughout his undergraduate career, Toheeb Bisiriyu worked as a Campus Ambassador for prominent companies including UBA, Cowrywise, and Dufil. He completed two outstanding internships with a multinational and a startup consulting firm, bringing practical experience to his academic studies.

Toheeb Bisiriyu’s commitment to event hosting was demonstrated by an astounding total of more than 70 hosted events. International travel and professional development courses expanded his academic experience, and a brief course on Islamic epistemology at the University of Lagos added a layer of cultural and intellectual depth.

Toheeb Bisiriyu’s success went beyond academics, as he received various awards ranging from departmental honors to faculty distinctions. The “Man of the Year” award in FUNAAB 2023 was the highest level of gratitude, designated for a man of remarkable excellence on campus. Above all, he earned himself a renowned title “Ashiwaju of Funaab”.

In addition to his educational duties, Toheeb Bisiriyu was an active member of the students’ union, serving as a jurist and head jurist in the Judiciary arm for two consecutive sessions. He organized over 30 major events and activities, making important contributions to the university’s development objectives.

Toheeb Bisiriyu’s initiative resulted in an in-depth interview and video documentary titled “A Day with the Vice Chancellor,” which provided a unique viewpoint on the everyday lives of the university’s administration.

Notably, Toheeb Bisiriyu went beyond personal accomplishment to educate over 100 students in 8-10 cohorts on the fundamentals of public speaking, making a lasting impression on the lives of those who were lucky enough to get such instruction.

The last recognition, which captured the spirit of Toheeb Bisiriyu’s journey, came in the form of a passionate congratulations message: “You came, You saw, You impacted.” This comment wonderfully captures the rewarding and influential character of his academic experience.

As Toheeb Bisiriyu expresses gratitude to Allah for His mercies, this success story demonstrates determination, commitment, and the enormous impact that one person can have on a university community.

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